Baby Back Ribs

1.5 lb. avg | 1-2 lb. range
$11.00/lb. Avg. 1.5lb .
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Baby Back Ribs come from the center loin on the pig and are known for their flavorful, tender meat. Although not as meaty as spare ribs, these smaller ribs still pack in some big flavor with juicy "fall of the bone" meat.

These racks are perfect for barbeque but also come out great when roasted in the oven or even braised.

Like all our pork products these come from our USDA Organic pasture raised pigs. At O'Connell Organic Acres, we use a mixture of pork breeds to offer you the best natural tasting pork straight to your dinner table. Our hogs are raised out on pasture and fed a supplemental mixture of our own farm grown organic grains. Our hogs are never given antibiotics, raised with artificial hormones, or fed GMO's.